The title FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL does not work for a number of reasons.

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“1.  It could turn off men. I can’t think of anything men would rather do less than go to four weddings back to back.

2.  The title is not as funny or as intriguing as the film. This film is funny, romantic, and poignant. Much more than the present title implies.

3.  The title does not convey what I think are the real and potentially more commercial themes of what the film is about.

4. The title resonates back to a number of films that did not work in the past (Altman’s The Wedding, Betsy’s Wedding), or the small art films (The Wedding Banquet). Father of the Bride worked but that was Steve Martin.

5. The title implies an episodic structure which historically have not done well.

6. It gives the audience the opportunity of ‘counting down’ if they lose interest while watching the film.

I ask your creative team to address my concerns not only from the viewpoint of America, but from the world as well. Save for point 4, I feel many of the points addressed above resonate internationally.”

A fax from the U.S. distributor of the film Four Weddings and a Funeral outlining their concerns with the title.  Alternative titles proposed were Loitering in Sacred Places, Skulking Around, True Love and Near Misses, and Rolling in the Aisles.