Introducing the new IMB Selectric System/2000 Typewriters


Introducing the new IBM Wheelwriter Typeriters and Quietwriter® Typewriter.

The IMB “Wheelwirters” 3 Typewriters is the first printwheel typewriter that gives you the print quality and correction capability of a “Selectric” Typewriter, with good print line visibility.

In fact, our “Wheelwriter” 3 Typewriter lets you see every word as you type it. Like all of the “Selectric” System/2000 Typewriters, its keyboard adjusts to put your arms at ease.

Paper handling made simple

Just insert the paper and in a single step the “Wheelwriter” 3 Typewriter positions it automatically with a one-inch margin at the top.

After that, paper-movement keys let you adjust the page precisely without moving your hands from the keyboard.

If you make a mistake, the “Wheelwriter” 3 Typewriter’s correcting key has a memory. One stroke lets you erase almost an entire line as easily as a character.

You already know a lot about the “Wheelwriter” 5 Typewriter, since it has all the features of the “Wheelwriter” 3 Typewriter.

It also has revisable memory.

And an optional 24-charater display. So you can search through a letter or short document, make changes and edit before you print it out.

Introducing Spell Check. 

The Spell Check option is a unique electronic “dictionary” that contains approximately 50,000 of the most common words used in business.

If you make a typing error or misspell a word, the typewriter will signal you to correct it. It actually helps you proofread as you type.

There’s also an option that lets all three typewriters double as letter-quality printers for compatible personal computers.

The Price.

The new IBM typewriters start at just under $800.

Not much for the most reliable, the most advanced, easiest to use IBM typewriters ever.

They’re even easy to find. To order or for more information contact an IBM Product Center, an Authorized IBM Typewriter Dealer or IBM Direct at 1 800 IBM-2468. Or call your IBM marketing representative.

No matter how you look at typing, we’re your type.

Excerpted from a 2-page advertisement in Life magazine’s 84 The Year in Pictures, January, 1985