Brigid Berlin’s New Obsessions

Screenshot (7)A Factory lifer, Brigid Berlin worked for Andy Warhol for thirty-five years. An artist of note, in 2008 John McWhinnie at Glenn Horowitz Bookseller hosted her brilliant show “Brigid Berlin; Needlepoint.” She discussed her needlepoint pillows of New York Post covers featuring ex-Governor Jim McGreevey, Anna Nicole Smith, Bill Clinton (“WELL HUNG Unveiled: Bubba’s hip new portrait”) and the Astor family’s legal woes  (“DISASTER FOR MRS. ASTOR”, “BAD HEIR DAY”) with New York Social Diary:

These needlepoint pieces you make [of the front pages of the New York Post] are amazing.

I think I’ve taken needlepoint to another direction, which is that I’ve done 15 covers of the New York Post. And I am obsessed with the New York Post.

Why are you obsessed with the New York Post?

Because I absolutely love it. I read every word. My heroes other than my first hero – you know my father was involved with Hearst for 52 years — and I kind of went from Hearst to my obsession being with Bill Buckley, and from Bill Buckley, the second part of it all is Rupert Murdoch.

You’re obsessed with Rupert Murdoch? When you say you’re obsessed with him, what does that entail?

I love everything he does. I’m absolutely addicted to Fox News – I love it. I love Roger Ailes … frankly I don’t really think it’s biased. But I’ve never really lost my young … and I don’t mind talking about but I make it a rule that I don’t talk politics with other people. I am a Republican but I would vote for a Democrat if I liked them.

Screenshot (10) … You have thousands of Polaroid pictures and you made thousands of hours worth of tapes of conversations with all the people and artists from that time. What was behind that need to document and record so much?

Well I really believed that I recorded an era and I recorded everything. I even recorded WINS news, I would do little snippets. And you know Andy taped too, but he never cared … I did it very, very seriously. I must have 5000 tapes and they’re all catalogued.

Brigid Berlin interview with New York Social Diary:

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