Ernest Hemingway’s Masculinity Impuned


“Please write me at length about your adventures– I hear you were seen running through Portugal in used B.V.D.s, chewing ground glass and collecting material for a story about Boule players; that you were publicity man for Lindbergh; that you have finished a novel a hundred thousand words long consisting entirely of the word ‘balls’ used in new groupings; that you have been naturalized as a Spaniard, dress always in a wine-skin with a ‘zipper vent and are engaged in bootlegging Spanish Fly between San Sebastian and Biarritz, where your agents sprinkle it on the floor of the Casiono. I hope I have been misinformed but, alas! it all has too true a ring…”

Letter from F.Scott Fitzgerald to Ernest Hemingway quoted in, Hemingway vs. Fitzgerald: The Rise and Fall of a Literary Friendship, Scott Donaldson, The Overlook Press, 1999

“When we were shooting The Sun Also Rises in Moralelia, he never stopped talking about his little Margaux. Couldn’t hear everything because he never talked to me directly. Never looked at me directly either.. The first time he saw me on location, he looked at me, pointed his finger square at my nose, turned to the director–‘Him playing Pedro Romero opposite Ava Gardner? No way! Not if I have anything to say about it!'”…

I laughed. ‘Yeah, but he couldn’t convince Zanuck. Zanukc was the producer, and he wanted only one person to play Romero the bullfighter–me.’ Though I didn’t want to, I couldn’t help but laugh again. ‘Papa? Nothing would have gotten him off more than seeing me stabbed in the cojones by a bull’s horn. Yeah, one thing– seeing me dead.’

Pouring the last of the bottle’s pink champagne, I reflected, ‘Instead, he’s dead and I’m alive, drinking pink champagne with his favorite of favorites.'”

Robert Evans to his then-girlfriend Margaux Hemingway, The Kid Stays in the Picture, Dove Books, 1995

“Hemingway was a show-off! He was trying to be something he wasn’t! He had no confidence! If I got him in a boxing ring, I’d give him a whupping.”

Mariel Hemingway’s boyfriend Bobby Williams, “The Importance of Not Being Ernest,” Amanda Fortini, The New York Times Magazine, October 24, 2013