Ungodly Servants


“John Moody came to the land in the year 1633. He had no children; he had two menservants that were ungodly, especially one of them who in his passion would wish himself in hell and use desperate words, yet had a good measure of knowledge. These two servants would go to the oyster bank in a boat, and did, against the counsel of their governor, where they lay all night. And in the morning early when the tide was out, they gathering oysters did unskillfully leave their boat afloat in the verges of the channel, and quickly the tide carried it away so far into the channel that they could not come near it, which made them cry out and hollo, but being very early and remote were not heard til the water had risen very high upon them, to the armholes as it’s thought. And then a man from Rockbrough meetinghouse hill heard them cry and call, and he cried and ran with all speed, and seeing their boat swam to it and hasted to them, but they were both so drowned before any help could possibly come. A dreadful example of God’s displeasure against obstinate servants.”

Reverend John Eliot, “Record of Church Members, Roxbury, Massachusetts,” transcribed by William B. Trask, New England Historical Genealogical Register, XXXV, 1881.

Drawing: Jacques Reich, Appletons’ Cyclopædia of American Biography, 1900, v. 2, p. 321