Elvis Presley Post-1977


A fan named Mike Joseph snapped this photograph of the pool house at Graceland, four months after Elvis Presley’s death.


Some fans believe that Presley appeared as an extra (the bearded man in the black turtleneck) in 1990’s Home Alone.

Elvis youtube

“THIS IS ELVIS PERIOD,” scumpicata wrote below this image on YouTube, “And i am so happy that he is still alive cos he got himself a life.”

After his death on August 16, 1977, the entertainer Elvis Presley was resurrected and reborn. One of his cousins was paid $18,000 to snap a picture of Presley in his coffin. In September the photograph was published on the cover of The National Enquirer, a ghoulish modern incantation of Frédéric Chopin’s death mask. Presley was so beloved that some of his followers still refused to believe he had actually died. The Weekly World News treated his secret, continued existence as a matter of course.

Elvis NixonIn 1995, the self-appointed Presley Commission published a report of their two-year investigation. The Commission concluded that Presley had entered the federal witness protection program after threats from organized crime (the result of his top-secret work as a government agent–fans cite the Oval Office meeting when President Richard Nixon named Elvis an honorary special agent at large for the nascent Drug Enforcement Administration as proof). The body at Graceland was a wax dummy kept cool by dry ice and battery-powered soundproof fans concealed in the coffin. Commission head Phil Aitcheson said that Presley had become a master of disguise: “There is a pretty good chance you wouldn’t recognize him if you saw him on the street.”

People have it all figured out:

“The mysteriousness of his ‘death’ is good for Elvis,” wrote the purveyor of Elvis is Alive.com, “So he can maintain his secret undercover identity and still be seen in public. In a very recent interview, a source that must remain anonymous said:

‘I saw Elvis in the mall exiting the J. Crew store. He was carrying large bags full of clothes and was traveling with some kids that seemed undesirable and may be drug dealers or users.’

The clues that leave no doubt that Elvis did not die on August 19, 1977, are endless and rock-solid proof that he is working undercover for the federal government.”

Bill Beeny ran his Elvis is Alive Museum out of a converted coin-operated laundry in Missouri for seventeen years. The eighty-one year old proprietor shuttered it in 2007 to devote his time to charity work. He told the Associated Press he had “a burden to help people.”

“I have been unable to find a buyer to take over the operation, so Thursday October 9th, will be our last full day open. We will then be packing everything up and storing it until I return. It is with a heavy heart that I must say adios….for now.” 

White House photograph by Ollie Atkins

Letters to Elvis: http://www.theelvisisalivemuseum.com/GALLERY/gallery.htm