Avant-Garde magazine was published between 1968-1971. This abbreviated one-page advertisement ran in the November 1967 issue of Harper’s Magazine. It’s as though one of Bravo’s Real Housewives travelled back in time to add the quotation marks.

A Proposition

A wild new thing is about to happen: the mad, mod scene is about to witness the birth of a fantastic magazine destined for greatness. Its name is Avant-Garde.

As its name implies, Avant-Garde will be a forward-directed, daring, and wildly hedonistic magazine. It will report on every aspect of the ebullient new life-style now emerging in America, and will do so with no put-ons and no inhibitions…

In short, Avant-Garde will be a hip, joyous, beautiful new magazine. It will be the voice of the Turned-On Generation.

Perhaps the best way to describe Avant-Garde for you is to list the kinds of articles it will print:

The Dead-Serious Movement to Run Allen Ginsberg for Congress

Homage to Mohammad Ali– High praise by 35 celebrities (including Marlon Brando, Jackie Robinson, and Woody Allen).

Coming: Synthetic (and Therefore Legal) Marijuana

Group Psychotherapy on TV

Radio Free America– A professor’s plan (already in motion) to establish a pirate radio station off the coast of California.

The “Bust” of Charlotte Moorman– The gifted young cellist describes her arrest for giving a concert hall recital “topless.”

The CIA’s Super-Salaried “Super Spook”– An expose of an operative who is paid $1 million a year to fink for Big Brother.

The Intellectual Companions of Jacqueline Kennedy

Bob Dylan’s Suppressed-and Pithiest- Song Lyrics

George Romney’s Bizarre Religious Beliefs

Toward the Elimination of War-A little-known exchange of correspondence between Einstein and Freud.

Understanding Zowie– A glossary of Switched-On Generation jargon.

The Fugs– New York’s most way-out electronic rags-rock nerve-thrill company.

A Gastronomical Guide to the Year 2000

The Writing on the Wall– The emergence of  graffiti as a medium of social protest.

The Prison Poems of Ho Chi Minh

A Geneticist’s Plea for State-Sponsored Breeding of Supermen

Pornographic Film Festivals at Lincoln Center by 1970– Predictions by an underground film-maker.

In sum, Avant-Garde will be a feast of gourmet food-for-thought prepared by the avant-garde for the avant-garde. It will be the quintessence of intellectual sophistication.