Andy Warhol Meets G. Gordon Liddy


Wednesday, July 27, 1983

“… Then Tim Leary came down because he was meeting Gordon Liddy and we were going to do a promotional interview, just a short thing because they’re going around doing debates now together.

And Gordon Liddy talked about ‘takeovers.’ Like if you’re walking down the street and someone thinks they’re stronger than you they take you over. And he pulled a knife out of his waist, and I couldn’t believe it. I was surprised that he’s so small. He’s about my size, and in a way he’s like Mr. Milquetoast. And he pulled out these pictures of his three sons from a leather envelope. And here’s the big bruisers in swimsuits… These were like 8″x 10″ color photographs–artistic, with ripples in the water! I mean, this is a very strange way to take pictures of your kids to carry around! And he was thrilled because one of the kids was going to be a Marine. They’re all at Fordham. And he said his girls didn’t want him to carry their pictures,  but I’m sure he didn’t care about the girls, he was just thrilled with the big bruisers. And one of the boys had a two-inch cat, a little kitten, that he was holding. And he also had pictures of his house, on the Potomac. And Tim was there with his hippie talk, and Gordon Liddy would spout facts about how many A-bombs have been exploded. And he’s sort of lost, Liddy, it’s odd. It’s like he doesn’t know what to do with himself. He liked me a lot, he wants us to see more of each other. Tim left and he stayed on for a while.”

The Andy Warhol Diaries, edited by Pat Hackett, Warner Books Inc. 1989.