The Albert Dock, the Lotus Room, and the Magnolia Building by Night


Anchor Court, Albert Dock, Liverpool,

‘Hi Pat You did say you liked post-cards didn’t you. Letter following. Ive got to 4 pages up to now. Love May Apa, Miss Pat (illegible), 1367 Warden Ave Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.’ Liverpool, 6 July, 1991.


Lotus Room: Located in the Heart of New Orleans 3340 Canal St. Rose & Bob Olsen Piano Bar a Favourite with Orleanians…  and a Must for Tourists HORS D’OEUVRES 4-7 DAILY

‘Dear Fred: Was glad to hear from you. Glad you are having a fantastic vacation. I am still going the rounds, but getting rather tired of the era. H-B-G Going to stay home for a change. As Liberace says I’ll be seeing you. (Signature illegible) Mr. Mrs J Herrmann 202 (illegible) Toronto Ontario Canada.’ New Orleans, September 18, 1954.


MAGNOLIA BUILDING BY NIGHT, DALLAS, TEXAS.  Height 400 ft- 29 stories above ground – 2 below surface – 1800 exterior windows – 1400 telephones with 300 private telephones in addition. The large revolving sign PEGASUS (the Flying Red Horse) atop the building measures 40′ x 32′ and can be seen for many miles at night and guides many motorists to heart of Dallas.

‘Dearest (illegible) so sorry I have no time to write long letters its too hot but with a cold drink + a couple -electric fans well its wonderful. I’m going to see the opera tonight Rio Rita under the stars well see you all in August Love to all Cecile. Miss Aileen Patrick Delaware Ontario Canada.’ Dallas, Texas, 1941.