Dose, September 30, 1995,10:00 pm – ?


Inside the flyer:

‘i have the soul of the tree in me/ i have the light of the skies in my eyes/ oceans run in my veins/ i am soaked in nature when it rains/ and the earth’s rich energy sets me free’

San Francisco’s ‘FUNKY TEKNO TRIBE’ is a neo-mythical clan of promoters, D.J’s and partygoears that come together to celebrate life and freedom, uniting all of mother earth’s indigenous tribes. Dance as ritual celebration is the key metaphor here and the ‘FUNKY TEKNO TRIBE’ succeeds in exploring this relationship.

By combining state-of-the-art intelligent lighting, cyberorganic visuals with living tropical foliage, tribal motifs and elemental backdrops, a new world is offered– one which does not lend itself to any other place or time.

The music at this ‘FUNKY TEKNO TRIBE’ event compliments the future/primitive environment and is best characterized as a swirling mixture of progressive house, acid, trance, tribal and funky electro beats. Played by San Francisco’s Barry Weaver, D.J. Dan and special guest from Los Angeles and Bassex Records Eric Davenport. Complementing the ‘FUNKY TEKNO TRIBE’ is the much anticipated return of DOSE PRODUCTIONS resident D.J.’s Hipp-e from Denver and Czech from Vancouver, alongside Toronto’s finest.

On September 30th 1995 DOSE PRODUCTIONS Toronto invites all like minded partygoers to join in our celebration of DANCE, MUSIC, LOVE and LIFE.

Peace! : )

The living tropical foliage mentioned in the flyer didn’t fare very well. Party promoters would occasionally videotape their events, and two decades later the footage has made its way online. What’s striking now is that none of the young adults and teenagers were looking at or taking pictures with phones. It was the last generation to experience youth offline. Dose promised ‘a new world… one which does not lend itself to any other place or time,’ but it was actually the last chapter of the old one.