Coffin Text 1130

Coffin Carter


Proceed in peace, that I may repeat to you the good deeds that my heart

has done in the midst of the coiled one in order to silence evil.

I have done four good deeds in the midst of the portal of the horizon.

I made the four winds, that every man might breathe in his time.

This is a deed thereof.

I made the great flood, that the poor man might have power like the great.

This is a deed thereof.

I made every man like his fellow.

I did not command that they do evil.

It is their hearts that disobey what I have said.

This is a deed thereof.

I made their hearts to cease forgetting the West, in order to make divine offerings to the gods of the nomes.

This is a deed thereof.

It is with my sweat that I created the gods,

While humankind is from the weeping of my eye…

It is for the One-who-is-weary of-heart (Osiris) that I made night….

Coffin Text 1130. The Coffin Texts funerary spells of the First Intermediate Period (2181-2055 BC) were initially written for the followers of Osiris in ancient Egypt. Coffin Text 1130 was a proselytizing tract for the Re religion.