Henry Kissinger’s International Mind File Postal System

Brice Taylor codified the tenets of modern conspiracism in 1999’s THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES… THE TRUTH HAS SET ME FREE! The memoirs of Bob Hope’s and Henry Kissinger’s mind-controlled slave. THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES is a touchstone on conspiracy theory forums–alternately used to silence skeptics (‘Read Brice Taylor’s book!’) or disparaged by people who think Taylor and TRANCE Formation of America author Cathy O’Brien are patsies– deliberately outlandish distractions from the real victims of the Illuminati’s Wizard of Oz and Disney-based mind-control programming.


‘Henry created a mental postal exchange system inside my head. He created it first visually by telling me that there was a large box in my head with separate boxes inside of it and they each had a different key. He explained that there were rows of numbered boxes positioned layer upon layer. Programs were attached to numbers or people, places, or documents, etc., which were attached to numbered boxes. George Bush wanted always to be #1 in everything so Henry had to change someone else’s number to give George the #1 box. This system worked like a post office so that people had a box and they could receive or send information at their box. This system was the way the higher ups kept their communication clear and anonymous when access was necessary.  It kept the Council’s messages clear for me to deliver accurately or to receive a message to take back to them. It kept messages clear and straight to be delivered between people who were involved and didn’t want to be identified as knowing, or communicating with, each other. I met with and delivered messages to the Council, at times, on huge ships out in the middle of the ocean.

I was most often helicoptered to ships, hotels, islands, or wherever I was to deliver this anonymous information. Once the information had been exchanged, I was helicoptered back. Henry created the programed system for these communications. He was the mastermind of lots of their plans, and used me to further it. Kissinger, Bush, Reagan, Carter, Thatcher, Mitterrand, Trudeau, Gorbachev, Salinger, Ford, Nixon, etc. all participated.’

THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES… THE TRUTH HAS SET ME FREE! The memoirs of Bob Hope’s and Henry Kissinger’s mind-controlled slave, Brice Taylor, 1999

Photograph: White House Photo office, June 10, 1981