Single Issue Parodies


Playboar, Thomas Hagey, 1985, Firefly Books

Thomas Hagey and Ilene Hochberg were the stars of the 1980s animal magazine parody world. Hagey’s Playboar was published in Canada in 1985. It featured a Littermate of the Year named Miss Taffy Lovely, an actual hog who was photographed supine in a pair of red lace underwear. Hagey told the Chicago Tribune the shoot took about sixteen hours and Miss Taffy was massaged until a state of near unconsciousness before she posed for the centerfold.


Dogue: A Parody of the World’s Most Famous Fashion Magazine, Ilene Hochberg, January 1986, Main Street Press


Catmopolitan, Ilene Hochberg, November 1987, Pocket Books


Pupple, G. Simmons, August 1988, Perigee Trade


Vanity Fur, Ilene Hochberg, October 1988, Pocket Books


Vague: The Fashion Parody, Thomas Hagey, September 1997, Firefly Books