Making Monogamy Work by F. Scott Fitzgerald


Image ‘If ever a marriage seemed bound for the rocks this one did. We gave them six months– a year at the outside. It was too bad, we felt, because fundamentally they loved each other, but circumstances had undoubtedly doomed them–as a matter of fact they are now in the process of living happily together forever after.

Did they decide that the best way to hold each other was the let faithfulness be entirely voluntary? They did not. Did they come to an arrangement by which neither was to pry into the other’s life? They did not. On the contrary they tortured each other into a state of wild, unreasoning jealousy– and this solved the problem neatly in less than a week.’

Syndicated in February 1923.

The Romantic Egoists, edited by Matthew J. Bruccoli, Scottie Fitzgerald Smith, Joan P. Kerr, University of South Carolina Press, 1974.