Decorating with Joan Crawford

In 1955, Joan Crawford married Albert Steele, the president of Pepsi-Cola. She moved from Los Angeles to New York City, where the couple renovated an eighteen-room penthouse overlooking Central Park. Image‘I wasn’t the easiest client in the world. (My decorator) Billy wanted chintz, but I was determined not to have it in my living room. I’d learned that lesson. I think the first gay, happy things I ever bought for myself were chintz curtains. But the place got so damned busy that it made me dizzy– too many patterns have the same effect on me as those very tiny mosaic tiles you sometimes see in public places, especially airports. Judy Garland used to get so seasick looking at them that she had to be carried out of the area with her eyes shut tight.’

My Way of Life, by Joan Crawford, Simon and Schuster, 1971.