Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson Visits the LBJ Ranch, 1965

LBJ Pearson

‘Pearson might have arrived better prepared for the occasion. It was 70 °F at the ranch and O’Hagan, knowing Johnson and figuring he could well show up on a horse with Marlboros, suggested that the prime minister change into something more comfortable. Pearson declined the advice, opting for black homburg, heavy three-piece suit, polka dot tie, boutonniere. As predicted, Johnson showed up looking like he was headed for a rodeo, and Pearson was distinctly out of place. He was only there a minute when the president suggested he might want to change. The prime minister said he was fine, whereupon Johnson introduced him to his dog. “Here’s the man you’ve been wanting to meet,” said the president.’

The Presidents and the Prime Ministers, Lawrence Martin, Doubleday Canada Limited, 1982.