The Cool Beauty: Guan Yuan


Sign at Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding:

‘My official name is Guan Yuan. In Chinese Guan means crest, and Yuan means head, and I have such an outstanding name as to be the spokeswoman of a famous brand in Japan. On August 1, 2003 my mom BinBin gave birth to me. While I was good looking when I was young, it was said by an elder member of my family that I’d gotten a bit fat by the age of 1. The excessive fat gathered around my face led to the appearance of smaller and smaller eyes. But there is no telling what a girl will look like when she grows up, and nowadays, my features are looking better and better. However, compared to my mum BinBin, I am not nearly as beautiful as she. I’ve had a good relationship with my mum since I was very young, so I was fortunate to share more time with my mum than with any other partner. In the thoughtful care of my mum, I rarely kept contact with outside friends; rather, I would play around with them.’

Photograph: Sheila Lau