Fragments from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Notebooks


When he buys his ties he has to ask if gin will make them run

Don’t get thinking it’s a real country because you can get a lot of high school kids into gym suits and have them spell out ‘bananas’ for the news reels

One of those girls who straighten your necktie to show that in her lay the spirit of the eternal mother

Women are fragile that way. You do something to them at certain times and literally nothing can ever change what you’ve done

In the beginning we are the split and splintered pieces of the basket in which we are all contained. At the end of the basket, turned upside down has become a haystack in which we search for our own smooth identity– as if it had ever existed.

Story-What becomes of old whores

Almost a whole chapter on the man’s attempt to educate his children without knowing where he stands himself– amid difficulties.

Boy carried off Titanic by his mother

She climbed a network of steel, concrete and glass, walked under a high echoing dome and came out into New York.


Stifling as curtain dust.

Day with a busy man. Combine the day of Ernest’s pictures, the man of genius episode

Man who gives up just before his chance comes– but happy end and girl

On all sides faintly irregular fields stretched away to a faintly irregular unpopulated horizon.

Now it’s all as useless as repeating a dream.

The Noteboks of F. Scott Fitzgerald, Edited by  Matthew J. Bruccoli, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich/ Bruccoli Clark, 1978.