Entertaining with Joan Crawford

Image ‘It doesn’t necessarily take money (though that helps) to have successful parties, large or small. It’s possible to give a lovely buffet dinner for twelve people—my favourite number—with just one reliable person to help.’

‘The best parties are a wild mixture. Take some corporation presidents, add a few lovely young actresses, a bearded painter, a professional jockey, your visiting friends from Brussels, a politician, a hairdresser, and a professor of physics, toss them all together, and try and get them to stop talking long enough to eat! It’s especially important to have all age groups. I’ve never noticed any generation gap. Of course I wouldn’t want to have hippies come crawling in with unwashed feet, but all the younger people I know are bright and attractive and have something to say. They also dress like human beings.’

‘I have strong feelings about people who issue invitations to come at seven and don’t open the dinning-room doors until nine-thirty. So I always ask, “And what time is dinner? Nine?” Fine. I get there a little after eight. An hour is long enough to drink.’

My Way of Life, by Joan Crawford, Simon and Schuster, 1971

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